Vehicle Tracking

 Stolen Vehicle Tracking


      We are the Edinburgh agents for Smartrack Asset management products.

   Whatever you want or need to track, a Car, Van, Bus or HGV. Auto Installs will find you the right product at the right price.

SmarTrack is changing the way that Cars are being tracked in the UK!

SmarTrack has developed a new and innovative product to aid the tracking of Sports, Classic, Prestige, Custom, Kit, Fleet and Family Cars.

Monitoring your Car has never been so easy, you can log your home or office and see your car live via the web with great photo mapping. You can also Geo-fence it, when it moves you will be alerted to the fact!

SmarTrack can also monitor your Car if you wish with its Secure Control Centre, it operates 24 hours a day and 365 days of the year. SmarTrack has highly trained and experienced Staff who will call you in the event of a movement alert, battery disconnect and generate a low battery text via its server to your mobile phone...

If it gets stolen, SmarTrack's response time is second to none and will endeavour to retrieve your Car with the Police in the least possible time.

There is no vehicle too big or small for SmarTrack...Protect your car and have a Smartrack fitted.

If you have a BMW X5 or X3, Range Rover, Landrover or BMW M3 you will no doubt be asked for such a device by your insurance company.

Don't forget...all SmarTrack trackers can be moved from car to car making this the ultimate long term purchase and great value for money.

We can also install into Motorcycles,Plant & Jetski's